Find out what John Horgan doesn’t want you to know about his so-called plans.

Child Care

NDP Truth: longer wait lists, fewer spaces

The NDP’s so-called plan means fewer spaces, longer waitlists, and a subsidy for the top 2%.

In Quebec, $10/day child care resulted in the wealthy being twice as likely to get a spot for their child as lower income families. And here’s the real kicker – it’s going to take 10 years.


Already created 4,300 new spaces since 2015.

We’ll create another 5,000 this year.

And continue to provide targeted supports to 20,000 families who need it.


NDP Truth: rolling MSP into your income taxes

The NDP say they’d “eliminate MSP,” but don’t cost the $1.7 billion impact in their platform.

And here’s the reason – turns out they’ll roll MSP into income taxes, leaving you with 20% less in take-home pay.


We’ll cut taxes by a billion dollars, starting with 50% MSP reduction for the middle class, right away.

And we’ll phase out MSP completely as the economy grows, once we can afford it without creating debt for our children.

Schools & Hospitals

NDP Truth: not a penny more

The NDP have not budgeted a single penny more for priorities like doctors, nurses, surgical wait times, reducing drug costs, teachers, special and teaching assistants, school boards, music, or sports.

Surprised? You shouldn’t be. This is the same NDP that didn’t build a single hospital during the 1990s.


$1.4 billion in new and improved schools, including more than $500 million in seismic upgrades since 2011.

And approximately $12 billion in health facilities since BC NDP was in power.

And we’ll invest $2 billion in schools and $2.7 billion in hospitals over the next three years.


NDP Truth: paying renters to keep renting

The NDP will cancel the BC HOME program that helps 42,000 families buy their first home, and they’ll cancel the Foreign Buyers Tax too.

Instead, the NDP will create a new 2% tax on homeowners, hitting seniors particularly hard. And they’ll pay renters $1 a day to keep renting, regardless of income.


15% Foreign Buyers Tax in Metro Vancouver to cool off the housing market.

BC HOME Partnership program to help 42,000 first-time home buyers.

Increasing First-Time Home Buyers’ Program to save first-time home buyers up to $8,000.

Largest ever one year investment to create close to 5,300 new units of affordable rental housing.

Taxes & Spending

NDP Truth: increasing taxes and spending

Independent experts say the NDP plan is not transparent, not viable, and not sustainable. It contains a $6.5 billion crater of uncosted spending.

Here’s what will happen. The NDP will double the carbon tax, and roll MSP into income taxes, leaving you with 20% less in take-home pay.

They will also spend B.C. into deficits and debt that can only be filled with higher middle class taxes.


BC Grade 10 students were recently ranked 1st in the world for reading, 2nd in science, and 6th in math by PISA.

We are investing $225 million over three years to reduce wait times on elective surgeries.

And we’ll invest $2 billion in schools and $2.7 billion in hospitals over the next three years.


NDP Truth: party of no

The NDP continues to say NO to projects that will bring jobs and economic growth to BC. They said:

  • NO to Site C, and the 2,000 already working
  • NO to new George Massey Tunnel replacement
  • NO to LNG

And they have GIVEN UP on getting a new softwood deal, and the families that depend on it.


Under Today’s BC Liberals, BC is leading Canada:

  • First in job creation, 220,000 jobs since 2011
  • 93% of jobs created are full-time, 89% are private sector
  • First in economic growth
  • Lowest unemployment in Canada